Friday, March 18, 2016

-ya, right.
If they're so fed up, they should have been fed up in 2008 when, after 8 years of GWB, we had failing banks, failing auto companies, loss of 800,000 jobs per month, unemployment more than double it's current rate, far fewer people with health insurance than we do now and the sense of impending doom.

Since then, banks are stronger, auto companies are thriving, we are adding hundreds of thousands of jobs per month, an unemployment rate that is historically low and falling , a stock market that almost tripled and 19 million more people with health insurance.

Yes, a good stock market doesn't seem like it helps the average person but it does reflect a heathier economy which is good for everyone (sorry to be a little "trickle downish" but there is at least a bit of truth to that concept.)

People are "fed up and angry" to at least some extent because they are told they are!!

Unemployment is 4.9% but doubters says there are millions of underemployed. OK, how many were "underemployed" when unemployment was at 9%?

The economy is "lousy." OK, how lousy was it 2008? Many were fearful of a total economic collapse!

Lets see things as they really are. Fix what's broken and appreciate how far we've come in the past 7 years.

So there!

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