Monday, November 30, 2015


Christie attacks Trump
-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie challenged Trump's claim that Trump saw thousands of Muslems celebrating in the streets on 9/11. Trump responded by saying "Don't tell me what I saw or didn't see, fat man. You can't even see your feet!"

Trump woos black vote.
Donald Trump met with a group of black citizens trying to get their endorsement. Trump tried everything including telling the group he felt that black lives matter...just not as much as white lives.

Dr. Ben Carson went to the middle east to learn more about the Syrian immigrants. He found out that they didn't want to come to the United States after all, thereby allowing him to sidestep the immigration question. Carson also learned that the Israeli's and Arabs loved each other, Iraq is a true democracy and Iran is hosting the Kentucky Derby next year.  "Fact-finding is really cool," said Carson. "You never know what you will learn."

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